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EYELASHES – How to Apply False Strip Eyelashes in a Step-by-Step Guide.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

@ Beautys Whole Health. All Original Content by Author, Kristin Ariniello

Why are false eyelashes so difficult to apply? How do you choose a style right for you? Can I use false eyelashes for more than one application? Should I use false lashes on my wedding day?


This image is a beautiful model's headshot with both hands and fingers open that create a frame over her face. It is originally a color photo processed with overall blue tone effects.
Should Eye or Shouldn't Eye. @Carole Meyer Photography

False strip eyelashes can be difficult when applying for the first time. This blog post organizes the details to help you choose and successfully apply false strip eyelashes. The cosmetic market is full of choices coming from an array of brands offering a variety of false strip lash sets with different lash densities, eyelash lengths, and many types of creative eyelash threading that can offer a unique look. Today's false eyelashes come in so many varieties that finding one that you favor is relatively easy. On the flip side, applying false strip lashes on yourself or a client is one of the more difficult makeup application tasks. From getting the lashes off the tray in one piece to cutting the lashes down to size to fit properly, to how much glue to apply, to how much time is needed to let the glue cure before attaching them to your eyelash line. This step-by-step guide will cover the most important steps to help you build on your makeup skills when applying false strip eyelashes.

If you are asking if false lashes should be part of your wedding day makeup style, the answer is "yes". Even if you choose natural makeup, adding false eyelashes is a great way to beautify your eyes with that lifting eye-opening effect.


There are two pair of false strip lashes. One set is more dramatic than the other set. The is also an eyelash curling tool and mascara wand. All set on white tabletop.
False Strip Lashes Add Uplifting Effect to Your Eyes. @Wix Media

Over the past decade, I have seen the desire to wear false eyelashes grow in popularity. From models in advertising ads to brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride all want the boost in glamour and uplifting eye-opening effect eyelashes can bring to your eyes. Why not? The eyes are often referred to as the windows of the soul so embellish them with a little extra flair.

The alluring effect of beautiful fluttering eyelashes is a welcome addition to your wedding day look. Or, a special event like an anniversary, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and all kinds of celebrations. Some people like to wear them on a daily basis, too.

Keep in mind when you wear false strip lashes on your wedding day it is important to manage the happy tears. Flooding the lashes with any liquid will compromise the eyelash glue. No one wants that to happen. So, I suggest folding a tissue or two to be on hand before your exhilarating and often emotional walk down the aisle. You can dab the inner corner of the eye with a tissue to absorb the tears. Another tip that works is to tilt your head back with your eyes open and let the tears flow behind the eyes. Other than that you are good to go.

The price-point for lashes, their design, and their use of material varies. Many are blends of synthetic and human hair. There are other applications like eyelash extensions which can be very pricey and smaller false lash clusters which require the use of a different type of eyelash glue. This blog post will focus on strip lashes. In short, they are lashes that are crafted along a strip of flexible material which is then glued down on the eyelid; as close as you can get to the natural lash line.

Here is a list of brands that I found most manageable to use and frequently requested styles.

From my experience, women are looking for a false eyelash that is flattering without being overly dramatic. These lashes look great on women of any age or cultural background. The brand, ARDELL Professional, has several styles I found clients prefer.

Ardell Professional - Babies

This is a package of five pairs of black falsh eyelashes. The style is called "Babies".
False Strip Lashes by Ardell Professional

This style is called "Babies". The width is a bit shorter than other lashes, which means they will usually fit without having to size them down by clipping off a small section or two. These lashes are slightly tapered to resemble the natural look of real lashes. They blend in seamlessly and look similar to lash extension. Sometimes, when you first look at them on the package tray the actual lash length may appear longer than what they will look when applied.

The strip is thin, flexible, and easier to apply than a more substantial lash set. Ardell Professional is readily available to purchase online or at beauty stores like Ulta, and Sally's Beauty. Or, even at your local drugstore for a reasonable price point. You can get a single set or multi-packs. Only use the glue that is specifically designed for adhering the false strip lashes to your eyelid.


"Babies" "110" "Demi Wispies"

Ardell Profesional "110" and "Demi Wispies"

These two false strip lash styles, 110" and "Demi Wispies" also have the manageable thinner strip to glue down to your natural lash line. The "110" has the center of the eyelash as the focal point with the long lashes in the center and is not as tapered from one corner to the other. The width of these styles is normally too wide for most people to go from the tray to the eyelids without cutting them down to size. See further step-by-step instructions below. The "Demi Wispies" are the most dramatic of the three styles and offer a more glam look. The greater the quantity of the lashes the heavier they will feel, so keep that in mind when choosing your style. In addition, you will need to consider the style choice if you wear glasses or plan to wear your glasses,

If you are a professional makeup artist you will need to make room in your makeup case, especially if you are doing larger wedding groups:

  • At least three different false eyelash styles, a tray or two of five pairs per each style.

  • A tube or two of fresh glue.

  • Several orange sticks for more precise glue application.

  • A pair of small pointed scissors for sizing lashes.

  • Tweezers.

Note: Always check your glue for freshness. If your glue starts to smell funny, it is time to toss it. That is why it is important to have an extra tube of glue in your kit. Always use a fresh pair of lashes on clients. If the false lashes are for personal use it is okay to reuse them after removing the old glue.


House of Lashes - Bohemian

Need more glam?

Try the brand, House of Lashes style Bohemian. The lash strip band is a little thicker because there is more lash count. This style is still manageable but does require a bit more eyelash glue. The lash length is long with the focal point in the center. When trimming these lashes you want to trim a little off each end to keep the same lash length in the middle. These are 100% premium human hair or a synthetic blend. The price point is a little higher than the false lashes mentioned above. The nice thing with individual sets is you can give the client the packaging so they can save their lashes after their event and use them again on a different date.

Lilly Lashes - Miami Lite

For even more eyelash glamour, try Lilly Lashes in Light Faux Mink - Miami Lite. The band is thick and may not be the best style for beginners. You will definitely need to be more strategic about glue quantity and allow more time for the glue to cure to tacky.

All the brands mentioned have an abundance of styles to choose from. And like many things there is a continuum of updates and evolution in the beauty industry.

Examples of False Strip Lashes Upclose. You can see the thin flexible lash strip and the different use of threading the hairs. Each set is unique on its own.

Before applying false strip lashes you will need to complete the majority of the makeup application. If you try to apply, say, a sparkle eyeshadow after the lashes are done you end up getting fall out of that eyeshadow onto the lashes, which is hard to clean up. The only product I would use on the eyes after lashes are done and fully dry is adding more gel liner for a little more glam.

Also, prior to applying the false lashes, it is recommended to curl the natural lashes and/or put a layer of mascara on. I preferred using waterproof mascara for events like weddings or when planning to dance the night away and you want your makeup application to last longer by avoiding the mascara smudge.

Lip application should be one of the last makeup tasks to be done. It can be extra difficult to apply false strip lashes after lip liner, lipstick, and/or gloss are applied.

I have applied countless pairs of lashes over the course of my career and through trial and error have mastered the technique. I hope these takeaway techniques help save you time and you get the quality results you desire.


Revlon - Small Pointed Scissors & Tweezers

This photo contains a pair of Revlon Tweezers and Small Pointed Scissors on a white towel with part of a black makeup case in the background.
Revlon Tweezers and Small Pointed Scissors

Step One:

After opening the package, release the lashes from the tray, which are stuck to the try with a small amount of adhesive. Using your tweezers gently pull up the outer corner of the thin flexible plastic strip band. You will need to get your tweezer a little under that band and then you can gently pull them away from the tray. Lay the eyelash back down on its side of the tray and repeat with the second eyelash. If you pull on the actual lash you risk unthreading that small section. If you do unthread the outer lash section, all is not lost. When you go to size them you will need to trim off both of the eyelashes from the outer corner.

Sometimes it can be confusing which false eyelash goes on which eye.

Rule of thumb:

If you are applying them to yourself, turn the tray so the band is facing you and the lash hairs are facing outward. The left eyelash goes on the left eye and the right eyelash goes on the right eye.

If you are applying them on a client or friend turn the tray so the lash band is facing away from you and toward the client. Same thing, the left eyelash to the left eye and the right eyelash goes onto the right eye.

It is your choice on what side to apply first. I always found it easier to apply the client's right eye first, which is the left side when they are facing you.

Yes, I have actually put the false eyelash on the wrong eye before. Only once, though.

Step Two.

Trim the eyelashes to fit the width of the eye using the small pointed scissors. Take the correct eyelash and lay it down across the lash line to measure the width. The false lash doesn't need to be totally flush with the natural lash line at this point. You want to slide the eyelash so it is at least 1/4 of an inch away from the inner corner of the eye. You don't want the false lash to be glued too close to the inner corner of the eye because the inner band edge is an uncomfortable poking feel on the skin.

This is a photo is a close up of false lashes in the white packaging tray.  You can see the hairs threaded onto a clear flexible band.
Ardell Professional False Strip Lashes

You visually count the sections of excess that are going past the outer edge of the eye. As you can see from the up-close photo on the left how the eyelash hairs are threaded onto the lash band in small sections. Take the false lash away from the eye before trimming the excess.

DO NOT - I REPEAT DO NOT try to trim the excess of the false eyelash near you or the client's eye!

I have found that most often 1 to 4 sections will need to be trimmed off to comfortably fit the width of your or your client's eye. Use the small pointed scissors for greater precision and make a straight cut between the sections.

The inner corner or outer corner can be trimmed. Just make sure you do the same thing on each side. If not the eyelashes will look different on each eye.

Duo Eyelash Glue & Orange Stick

Two tubes of DUO eyelash glue and one orange stick on a white towel with a black makeup case in the background.
DUO false eyelash glue and an orange stick.

Step Three:

Apply the DUO eyelash glue to the end of the orange stick. There are different brands of glue and various application techniques. I found this way to be the easiest. Once you have a small dollop of eyelash glue on the end of the orange stick you pick up one of the false lashes by pinching the actual false lashes between your index finger and thumb. Some lashes come with a little plastic tool for holding onto the lashes but I have found using my fingers works better.

Next, you can start running the glue across the band of the false eyelash, kind of like painting it across the lash band. Make sure to get some glue on both sides of the flexible lash band and all the way across with a uniform amount of glue. You will need about twice the size of the glue to band ratio. The thicker the eyelash band the more glue you will need. Avoid getting glue on the main part of the lashes. You can use the clean end of the orange stick to scape off any excess glue that gets onto the false lashes.

Step Four:

Letting the eyelash glue cure to a tacky state is the trickiest part of applying false strip lashes. You only do one eyelash at a time. Once the glue is across the false eyelash band you need to keep holding onto it. I would create a bit of airflow by waving my hand toward the false eyelash to help speed up curing time. Do not blow on the glue even if you are applying it to your own eye. It takes about a minute or so. You can test to see if the glue is tacky by touching the glue. It is ready to apply to the eye when it starts to stick to your finger. Or, when you see the white glue starting to turn opaque or slightly clear at the outer edge. There are times when you need to apply a little more glue if it starts to shrink too fast.

Step Five:

Center the lashes over the eye and align the outer corner of the false eyelash to the outer corner of the eye. Also, focus on getting the band as close to the natural lash line as possible. If the false eyelash is slippery you need to pull it away and let the glue cure for several more seconds. Finish laying the lash across the entire eye.

After the glue has more time to dry on the eyelid, slightly nudge the lashes upward from underneath the natural lashes so the lashes look uplifting and do not weigh down the eye. You can use the clean end of your orange stick to gently press the false lash line closer to the natural lash line if needed.

Repeat with the second eye.

Let the glue completely dry, for at least five minutes, and then gently squish the natural lashes and false lashes together to get more of a seamless look. The white glue will dry to clear.



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