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Updated: Sep 24

Makeup brushes are an essential tool makeup artists use to get the highest quality application. At home users can also benefit from using high quality brushes. If you're looking to up your game in the field of makeup or just want the best look you can achieve at home than investing in quality brushes can put you in the right direction.

Consumers spend a lot on skincare and makeup products, but may be missing that one key component. You don't need to get overwhelmed by the abundance of brush types, having even a few essential brushes can enhance your application. Start with the most useful and work your way to a collection. For example, a blush brush can be multipurpose. You can apply cheek color, bronzer, contouring, highlighter, or even a base eyeshadow. A thin edge angled eyeliner brush can be used to apply your favorite gel-liner, or smooth over a penciled in liner to get a softer look, or used to fill in the edge of lip liner for more presicion, and also fill in eyebrows when using a brow product. #makeupbrushesareessential #lovetheskinyouarein

What are the best brushes to use:

There is differing opinions over whether to use synthetic brushes or natural hair bristles. My personal preference is to use natural goat hair brushes. Not only do they feel luxurious on the skin, but also give a refined smooth finish to your makeup application. There can be varying price points when purchasing brushes and also can be misleading as to what the brushes are made out of. So, always double check your product details if you're wanting to use natural goat hair. I have used MAC goat hair brushes for years, but recently read an article in cosmopotitan magazine that MAC has moved to full synthetic.

I am going to do some research and find some brands of quality and worth the price. More to come...


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