Updated: Jul 12

Makeup brushes are an essential tool makeup artists use to get the highest quality application. At-home users can also benefit from using high-quality brushes. If you're looking to up your game in the field of makeup or want the best look you can achieve at home, then investing in quality brushes can put you in the right direction.

Model with large black hat and flowing red scarf. Sleeveless button up black dress. Green eyeshadow with pale pink lip color.
Red Scarf

Consumers spend a lot on skincare and makeup products, but they may be missing the one key product that will give them and you a higher quality and longer-lasting makeup application. Quality makeup brushes are the essential key product you need to up your game in makeup. It can be overwhelming, though, to figure out which brushes are the most essential. Among the many types, styles, and materials used to make brushes, decisions can be challenging. It is best to start with the most useful and work your way to a collection. For example, you can use a quality blush brush to apply different makeup products other than cheek color. This Giorgio Armani, Maestro Collection, is a beautiful example of a streamlined style. Clean white bristles made of natural goat hair in combination with synthetic artificial hairs. This was the only brush I found in my research that uses some natural goat hair in its brush. Goat hair brushes are not made as much anymore, even though many professional artists tout higher quality results when working with them, which I agree with. Using powdered products works well with goat hair as it connects with skin better. Yes, this brush is at the higher price point for a single brush, but well worth it. If you are vegan, this may not be the brush for you. See next image of Jane Iredale Contouring/Blending Makeup Brush. @giorgioarmani @janeiredale #giorgioarmani #makeupbrushes #qualityapplication #blushbrush

This is a makeup blush brush.
Georgio Armani, Maestro Blush Brush

You can use a blush brush to apply cheek color, bronzer, contouring, highlighter, loose powder, or even a base eyeshadow.

Makeup brush for blush, contouring, blending, vegan
Jane Iredale Contouring/Blending Brush/Blush Brush

Jane Iredale is a vegan choice for a stylish well-groomed blush brush. The angled bristles can allow for darkening the contoured cheek and outer frame of your face. In addition, if you grip the base of the bristles, you can tighten the end of the brush for more intense control and contouring application. You can use a thin edge angled eyeliner brush to apply your favorite gel liner, or smooth over a penciled liner to get a softer look, or to fill in the edge of lip liner for more precision; you can also use an angled eyeliner brush to fill in eyebrows with a brow product. #makeupbrushesareessential #lovetheskinyouarein


What are the best brushes to use?

There are differing opinions among makeup artists over whether to use synthetic brushes or natural hair bristles. My personal preference is to use natural goat hair brushes. Not only do they feel luxurious on the skin, but they also give a refined, smooth finish to your makeup application. However, there can be varying price points when purchasing brushes and also can be misleading as to what the brushes are made out of. So, always double-check your product details if you want to use natural goat hair. I have used MAC goat hair brushes for years, but recently read an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine that MAC has moved to full synthetic. In fact, many companies are moving toward the use of nylon, polyester, and plastic.

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