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Cosmetic Sponges

Makeup sponges are one of the easier tools to use in applying foundation. Sponges also

multi-task and can be used to soften and blend other makeup products like blush. Sponges can slightly moisten by running under fresh water and squeezing out the excess or spraying fresh water from a spray bottle and squishing the sponge to absorb the moisture. You can also use a dry sponge. If you want fuller coverage, using a dry sponge would keep you from thinning out the product. Also, it is better to use a dry sponge when working with an oil-based product. The benefit of using a makeup sponge slightly moist is that it can keep your foundation products from being absorbed too much into the sponge's pores. Also, a moist sponge will help to glide on the product with more ease and give a little more h2o to the skin. Makeup sponges come in different shapes and have slightly different pore levels. It is better to work with a sponge with small pores rather than one that is too smooth with no pores or too porous. The shape of a sponge matter. A square or triangle sponge works great for moving products around the contours of the face. An oval-shaped sponge with a pointed end like the Beauty Blender is also easy to use and blends product with ease. The edges or points of a makeup sponge also work well when applying your under-eye concealer on top and under your eye by giving you a more precise product placement. #COSMETICSPONGES #FLAWLESSFINISH #MAKEUPLOVERS

Foundation Brushes

Foundation brushes come in shapes like a pom-pom, flathead, tapered flat edge, and other styles suited for this application. Keep in mind the smaller the surface of the brush, the better. You want to feel comfortable handling the brush as you maneuver the contours of the nose and mouth. Another consideration is that you may be able to work with makeup brushes with shorter stems or handles than longer ones or vice versa. To avoid getting the foundation in the hairline, make sure you have a minimal amount of foundation on the brush when moving the product in that area. It is also important to wipe off the excess foundation from the brush after each use, like anything else, practice, practice, practice. You will get more skilled and be able to create a smooth and flawless finish. A tip to storing makeup brushes is to put them into a jar or container bristle side up. Make sure the top of the container is shorter than the bottom part of the bristles. Your brushes need air. Group the brushes by size and length of the brush stem. This not only helps keep their shape and last longer but keeps your brushes more sanitary. #COSMETICBRUSHES #MAKEUPTIPSANDTRICKS #lovetheskinyouarein


The tips of your fingers are the quintessential tools to use in applying all kinds of cosmetics. The classic technique of using your fingertips can be used anytime or anywhere. If your makeup sponge or brush is dirty and you forgot to wash it clean, then your fingertips are on hand (lol) to get your foundation applied. If your new to makeup, sometimes starting with your fingertips can be beneficial. You can get an idea of just how little product you need to cover the surface of your face. The best fingers to use are your ring and pinky since they have the softened tip from less overall usage. Your index or pointer finger and middle finger are used more and have a slightly less smooth surface. #APPLYINGMAKEUP #MAKEUPAPPLICATION #SMOOTHFINISH

Always, always, always clean hands when applying any makeup or skincare products. Keep all brushes and sponges clean. Please avoid just plunging your brushes and sponges into your makeup bag. You want healthy skin: you need clean tools and products. More to come on cleaning tools and keeping products sanitary.


An airbrush compressor tool is a device for loading foundation into the sprayer and misting foundation over the face. This tool does require a more specialized foundation product designed for its use and knowledge of how to use it. They can be very expensive and do have some drawbacks. One drawback is: if not done properly, the results can leave some streaking on the skin that one can not blend out. The foundation product dry's immediate as it sets on the surface of the skin.


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