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Your skin is as unique as you are. But, what is it craving?

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Love The Skin You Are In

Your skin is the largest human organ that needs to be taken care of. Skin can vary in condition from one part of your body to the other; the face needs special attention to maintain its youthful appearance or help your skin look and feel better. First, you want to know the type of skin you are in. Do you have dry, oily, combination skin, or somewhere in between? #lovetheskinyouarein #hydration #skintype #beauty

The "t" Zone

If you look at your face in the mirror and imagine a vertical line going from your forehead to your chin and than a horizontal line going from one side of your cheek bone to the other, that is called the "t" zone.

The "t" zone can secrete more oils than the rest of your face. Or, it can be the opposite. You can secrete fewer oils in the "t" zone while the rest of your face is more oily. Or, it can be a combination other than those two options. But, once you get a handle on the type of skin you have the better you can focus on how to meet the needs of your skin type.

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What kind of climate do you live in?

Does the climate you live in have seasonal changes? Do you live in an extreme environment that is either super hot or humid or super cold and dry? The kind of climate you live in, along with the changes in your area's seasons, will affect your skin condition and what it is craving. Adapting your skincare regime or routine as the season change is as essential as the regime itself. You want to keep track of how your skin looks and feels during the transitions of the season, and the current climate you live in and adjust accordingly. #climatecanaffectskincondition

Hormonal changes can affect your skin.

Other factors like hormonal changes can also affect how your skin is doing. Don't be surprised when you get that monthly blemish breakout or two or three. Monthly blemishes are your hormones talking and actually letting you know your skin is function well. Know your skin is changing everyday as a natural cycle of renewal. Skin also responds to every type of condition in the environment from climate to humidity level to free radicals of toxins in the form of pollution. #hormonalchangesaffectyourskin

So, what is your skin craving?

Think of your skin like a living plant. Like plants, your skin needs clean water, nutrients, and light. Water is one of the primary sources your skin craves and is necessary for optimal function. Drinking half your body weight in ounces is a good measure of how much water you need. Although rare, you don't hear too often or maybe not at all that drinking too much water is bad. Too much water can alter your salt and electrolytes and may make you feel sick. It is called water intoxication, so keeping that balance of fluids is essential. Take note of how hot the weather is, how much exposure you have, or how much you sweat during a workout. Those signs and signals will help you determine how much water intake you need for the day. Also, limit those sugary drinks and opt for water instead. Refined sugar is not your friend, so keeping it to a minimum will help your skin look and feel better

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Your skin craves nutrients

We get nutrients by eating and drinking healthy foods and taking those most basic vitamins and mineral supplements Spices are also a rich source of nutrients and can help aid in overall skin health Sometimes it feels like our skin is craving a burger and fries, but keep those fat-rich foods to a minimum Too many fatty foods can lead to all kinds of skin problems and aid in craving more fatty foods Breaking down what your skin needs to be healthy can vary from person to person Finding what your skin is craving is a journey worth discovering It's not about the perfect diet But, if you want to improve your skin condition or keep your skin youthful long term, then eating and drinking vitamin-rich food and spices is a must (Spice doesn't mean spicy, but it can be) Adding one more piece of fruit or veggie or adding some spice to your food every day will lead you to better skin health.


Your skin craves the light

You need natural light to absorb that valuable vitamin D. You can get natural light safely by putting on sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, sunglasses, a sun hat, or a visor The extra protection for your skin and your eyes is a must-have Always keep in mind the skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your face Protecting your skin is important since too much sun is damaging your skin and will age faster than anything else The worst contributing factors for unhealthy lackluster skin are too much sun, sun damage, smoking, alcohol, pollution/free radicals, harmful stress, and an inadequate nutrient-rich diet Your skin is craving water, nutrients, and light, along with some good sleep, of course. Take the journey to discover how you can improve your skin health and love the skin you are in. Future posts will include more specifics on skincare regimes, from the easiest to more elaborate routines Stay safe and take care of your skin You are worth it!!

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Read more on how water can affect your skin. https://www.beautyswholehealth.com/post/hydrate-your-body-hydrate-your-skin

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