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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Model with brown wavy hair that towers upward using a hidden support structure underneath hair. Two sections of blue dots of paint make a circular flower with a single green painted stem for each flower. Hand made silver and blue tiara and wide choker necklace. Simple makeup with golds and bronze tones.
Beauty Expression. @Kim McElroy Photography

Seasons are changing again.

Bumping up your skincare routine is necessary to maintain that healthy skin we all crave throughout the changing seasons. Using moisturizing facial masks once a week, adding a face serum over your daily moisturizer, and replenishing your skin with a soothing nutrient-rich body lotion can help maintain your moisture balance and prevent dry, dull, and irritated skin.

Did you know a pumpkin puree facial mask can help to give your skin the boost it needs? Pumpkins' high levels of Vitamin A and E will help smooth your skin. Vitamin C in pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant that helps curb the effects of free radicals in the environment on the skin. The beta-carotene helps to reverse UV damage from sun exposure and improves skin texture. It also helps to promote the production of collagen which reflects in your skin tone and elasticity. The zinc and potassium in the pumpkin can also lessen the redness. In addition, the enzymes found in pumpkin will help to soften your face by sloughing off dry and dead skin cells. See below a quick homemade facial mask using pumpkin puree.

More to come soon....

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