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Founder and Author of Beauty's Whole Health (BWH), Kristin Ariniello, has specialized in makeup and hair artistry for many years. Her craft focused on working with thousands of wedding clients and multiple advertising campaigns. Beauty is connecting with your inner self, taking care of yourself, and learning. It is a valuable skill to learn how to apply cosmetics to enhance your features.

Being told early on in her pre-teen years that some of her facial features weren't symmetric by a stylist at a modeling job, Kristin began her journey of fighting for her own self-acceptance with an approach that supports the whole self. 

Makeup became one of the tools she used for self-care that helped ease the ongoing subconscious pain of not feeling good enough. But, once she started doing makeup on her dance team members in high school, she realized that doing makeup well on others could help to enhance their beauty. It became her understanding then that enhancing other's beauty was a way of lifting a person's mood. The light in their eyes, the cheerful smile on their faces showed the extra boost of confidence as they viewed the results in the mirror. Feel free to explore the site, submit your email for a free subscription and get periodic email newsletters, and check back to see the evolution of Kristin's journey to teach and inspire. More to come soon.


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