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Balancing Act of Self-Care

Do you ever feel like you are on top of a tightrope just trying to balance yourself as the tightrope sways in the relentless gusts of wind? Feeling shaken not stirred as you try to digest the rippling effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic and all its real-time factors that impact the stress levels on human life? Has your self-care flown out the window? Or, have you forgotten when and how to get started with self-care again as the threat to your life balance weighs heavily on your psyche? Are you juggling more balls than ever before? You are not alone!  

The balancing act of self-care has been tested way beyond the norm in recent years. No more dramatically than the first year of a new decade, with what seems to be an endless barrage of psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges. These never-ending moments unhinge our deepest anxieties and fear of despair that may seem insurmountable. But, don't lose hope; it is a new dawn, a new day as the slow-moving pendulum swings back to the long-overdue wave of positive creativity. A renewed and growing spirit that can move through the struggles in an empathetic and compassionate way. We could all use a dose of the positive wave headed our way. Part of self-care is providing the kind of interests which heals and repairs the mind and body. Seeing the world in a different light, a brighter light, a warmer light. It does take time and an abundance of patience as we move along the journey of future experiences. We will stumble from time to time and wish we had a course guide tutorial. Through all of it embrace your whole self and practice self-care. Start by just giving yourself a big hug. 


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