EYES 101

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Your eyes are the most mysterious part of your face as they are often referred to as the windows of the soul. Eye makeup can enhance your eyes and eye color. But, with so many color choices, brands, and eye makeup application styles where does one start?

Green Eyed Girl

Eye makeup can seem like a maze of endless color choices, with depth of shades, various pigments, matt, shimmer, creams, and powders. So, what pray tell do you do with it all? The endless stream of brands available with varying price points from expensive top of the line to drug store brands. Don't forget the ample mix of eye makeup application styles, which can get complicated as the need for more experience is needed. The good thing is you don't need to take it on all at once. A simple approach is the best place to start. Figuring out your eye makeup goals is knowing it is okay to start small and build your skill set one step at a time.

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First things first, before you apply any makeup you want your face to be clean and moisturized. Always use clean hands when using your makeup products. More information on skin care regimes will be added at later posts soon.

At the beginning, you can start with just using one eyeshadow color. The lighter and softer shades of eyeshadow color, the easier it is to use and also very forgiving if not perfectly applied. You can even use your ring finger if you are short on an eyeshadow brush. An ivory, light pink or peach, light shade of grey or brown are all good choices to get you started. For darker skin, you can use shadows with more depth of color for a base eyeshadow. A darker ivory or taupe, a more pigmented pink or peach, a medium grey, brown, or mauve. If you have an eyeshadow product with multiple shades you want to start with the lightest one. Gently apply all over eyelid and blend outward toward the brow bone. You want to fade it out as you get to the brow bone, so your whole lid and brow bone are not the same. Unless, you are specifically going for that look. Also, it is okay to use an ivory or white over entire eye. If you are using your ring finger you want to dab the color on first and then start gently blending in that outward motion. You may need to use your pinky finger to apply the lighter color toward the inner corner of the eyelid. You can soften the edges by using a Que-tip. This can all be done without using any foundation, undereye concealer,or eye makeup primer. You can apply mascara or not at this point. As you take those baby steps it is important to note that you have the choice of taking the next steps or be completely content with that one step. The great thing about makeup, it is all about your comfort level. #lovetheskinyouarein #eyemakeup101 #eyemakeup #keepitsimple #beautybalance

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